Best Web Hosting for Small Businesses (2019)

What's the reason?

This is because the needs of different websites vary.

Some web hosts may be excellent in certain areas, such as speed and the latest technology. You may also want to focus on providing reliable servers and cheaper rates. A "good web host" does not guarantee 100% satisfaction for 100% users.

This is especially true for business website hosting. As a business owner I am often cautious and tricky about their web hosts. Maintain the right service at the right price and quality. The "best" web host may not be the best choice.

After evaluating all the good web hosts around, I have reached a company list that perfectly fits the needs of most small business owners.


WHSR receives the referral fees from some hosting companies mentioned on this page. Our feedback is based on real experience and real server data. Please read the review policy page. We understand how our host evaluation and evaluation system works.

Best Small Business Hosting 2019 - Review and Recommendations
We will now explore each business hosting service. We focus on business-critical features such as hosting performance, business-friendly features, after-sales support, and cost-effectiveness to create relevant and useful reviews.

1. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting provides SSD-based shared business hosting for its servers located in the eastern and western United States. You can choose one of them.

The sharing plan is basically a budget friendly one that includes one free domain name and one free SSL certificate. They also offer advanced hosting plans such as VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting for websites that require more CPU resources.

Regardless of the plan, server uptime is mostly 99.95% or more in the US with longer latency.

The InMotion Hosting service is backed up through three support methods (live chat, phone and email ticket). Contacting us by phone is the fastest way to solve your problem professionally.

InMotion Hosting Review


  • Robust server performance - Superior uptime (> 99.95%) and response time (<450ms)
  • First big discount for shared hosting plan - Save up to 50%
  • Free Domain Registration, SSL Certificates and Automatic Daily Backup
  • SSD storage and peering connectivity technology for up to 6x websites
  • 90-day secure hosting period (with free refund policy)
  • Free website migration - useful for busy business owners.


  • US server location
  • You must complete the phone verification to activate your account.
  • Increase in hosting price after 1 semester
  • Planning and Price *

  • Start Plan - $ 3.99 / mo (50% off)
  • Power plan - $ 5.99 / mo (40% off)
  • Pro Plan - $ 13.99 / mo (12% off)
  • * Exclusive discount.

 Tip: Which InMotion plan is good for small businesses?

For new and small businesses - Start with InMotion Power Hosting Plan - At $ 5.99 / mo, customers can host up to 6 domains with free SSL for all domains and all required ecommerce features.

Upgrade to VPS-1000HA-S or VPS-2000HA-S as your business grows later.

2. Hostinger

Hostinger is relatively new but offers the cheapest hosting service. Starting at just $ 0.80 / month, Hostinger Single allows you to host one website and 100 GB bandwidth email account. Upgrade to a higher plan later (called "Premium" and "Business").

Hostinger Premium Plans - "Business" is cheaper than market average ($ 3.45 / mo) and offers a variety of premium features such as MariaDB (for security databases), SSH access (for security enhancement), free SSL, Provides a pre-optimized server for speed.

Hostinger Review


  • Robust server performance - Superior uptime (> 99.95%) and response time (<600ms)
  • A single shared hosting plan that can start at a very low price starts at $ 0.80 / mo for new users.
  • Easily create websites with drag-and-drop website builders (self-developed)
  • Additional security features for premium and business plans, free domain name and automatic daily backup
  • Free website migration - useful for busy business owners.
  • Flexible VPS hosting plan (6 different levels)
  • Top-level data backup for VPS hosting accounts


  • Single plan is cheap but rather basic - only suitable for people who need a simple static website.
  • Increase in hosting price after 1 semester
  • Hostinger plans and prices *
  • Single plan - $ 0.80 / month
  • Premium plan - $ 2.15 / month
  • Business plan - $ 3.45 / month
  • * Exclusive discount.

Tip: Which Hostinger are you planning to go with?

If you need a simple static web site that can show a simple business website (flyer website), do not look any further. Hostinger is your answer. The $ 0.80 / mo single plan is the cheapest (but reliable) business hosting solution you can get.

However, useful features such as automatic backups, unlimited cron jobs, and free SSL are only available in premium or business plans. If you are serious about your business, we recommend that you upgrade with Hostinger Business (or upgrade later).

3. Shopify

Although Shopify functions as a website creator, there are more technological trends for those who want to create online stores. It is highly synchronized with many companies competing in digital space today.

The ease of use that website authors can use to build an e-commerce store can not be underestimated. Most small businesses do not have the capacity to do this and outsourcing costs far more than Shopify can achieve.

In addition, you can integrate the Shopify site with retail POS systems and manage inventory using additional features. This allows us to go beyond physical disparities and retail gaps to provide a true integration experience with our customers.

Shopify Review

In retrospect, Shopify may not be right for everyone, but it can not deny that there is a specific focus. This is to help the sale. To me it seems to be an ideal partner for many businesses. Especially because every plan includes e-commerce functions.


  • Various add-on tools available
  • Simple and powerful consolidated billing - 100+ using external payment gateway
  • 70+ customizable design shops with professional design themes
  • Free SSL certificates for all plans and recovered discarded carts
  • POS integration possible - Promote and sell on multiple channels within Shopify (Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)


  • If you are not a dedicated e-Tailer, the cost is a bit expensive.
  • Profit Margin Loss - Shopify Fee 0.5 - 2% Transaction Fee
  • Some add-ons incur additional costs.
  • price

  • Default Shopify - $ 29 / mo
  • Shopify - $ 79 / mo
  • Advanced Shopify - $ 299 / mo

 Tip: Which Shopify plan do you plan to take?

Shopify Basic is a good starting point for most small businesses.

Shopify is, frankly, more expensive than other site builders on the market. However, we are working hard on e-commerce sites and can be of great help for companies with POS integration capabilities. The price structure is simple, but you need to adjust your business requirements in the right way.

4. SiteGround

SiteGround has achieved. Best Customer Satisfaction Live chat support has been one of the highlights for the last two years.

Their servers use NGINX, HTTP / 2 with SuperCacher technology to maximize web site speed. Reduce the 1% loss loss that can occur with a 7-second load delay (source).

All SiteGround plans allow SSL installation with one click and SSL encryption for sharing plans free. The sharing plan comes with a free automatic daily backup service for peace of mind.

SiteGround reviews


  • Outstanding uptime (100% in most cases)
  • 60% off on first bill of shared hosting
  • Select server location (US, Europe, and Asia)
  • Formally Recommended by and
  • Native 3-layer caching system for optimal performance (SuperCacher)
  • Encrypy wildcard SSL (HTTPS) is automatically installed on all domains.
  • Free website migration - useful for busy business owners.
  • WooCommerce-ready - Siteground pre-installs and manages everything you need on the WooCommerce site.


  • High renewal cost of shared hosting
  • SuperCacher is not available in the default sharing plan (startup program).
  • price

  • Start plan - $ 3.95 / mo
  • GrowBig Plan - $ 5.95 / mo
  • GoGeek Plan - $ 11.95 / mo

 Tip: Which SiteGround plan is best for small businesses?

SiteGround StartUp and WooCommerce Startup Package are the best hosting plans for small, online businesses. SiteGround StartUp is ideal for hosting a single business website. Ideal for business websites with all the required features and fewer 10,000 visits.

If you are using the WordPress WooCommerce site (in-stock retail) visit SiteGround WooCommerce Hosting. All SiteGround's WooCommerce plans come with automatic updaters, pre-installed WooCommerce and Storefront themes, and Let's Encrypt SSL.

5. InterServer

InterServer, founded by Michael Lavrik and John Quaglieri, is headquartered in New Jersey and has been playing games since 1999.

The first hosted provider to be a virtual hosting account reseller has grown over the last 17 years and is currently running two data centers in New Jersey and is expanding to additional locations.

The best of InterServer is solid server performance, guaranteed e-mail delivery and login price maintenance. The company does not raise the price during the renewal and promises to keep it below 50% in case of a sudden surge in traffic. In addition, new guaranteed e-mail delivery capabilities can help ensure that critical business e-mail sent to your recipients does not get spam.

InterSafe Review


  • Excellent hosting uptime (> 99.97%) and excellent server response time (<220ms)
  • Special offer: For new purchases, try Interserver at $ 0.01 / mo (first month only) using promotional code WHSRPENNY.
  • Fixed price for all sharing and VPS hosting plans (no increase on renewal)
  • Free website migration - useful for busy business owners.


  • The VPS hosting panel is not familiar to beginners.
  • No Live Chat support
  • US server location
  • price

All-in-one shared hosting starts at $ 5.00 / month.

Tip: Which InterServer hosting plan is business friendly?

The Interserver standard shared hosting plan is suitable for new or small businesses. 5 / month ($ 3 / mo for 4 year subscription) prices are all available for essential business hosting features such as automated virus scanners, machine learning firewalls, in-house caching and email delivery guarantees.

6. Hosting A2

A2 Hosting has been hosted for a long time (since 2001) for a long time and WHSR has kept up to date information for years. They have a solid plan for almost everyone, from basic sharing plans to dedicated hosting.

This is especially useful for businesses, especially if they like, because there is a clear migration path that can move as online activities grow in size. Or if your intentions are just stable digital, you can pay the current fare for good performance.

A2 The most recent tests on the host site still provided solid speed readings. Solid-Time-to-First-Byte (TTFB) readings are one of the key indicators of great hosts, and A2 hosting has been very stable for years.

With superior uptime and a choice of four data centers, it provides the best platform for hosting your business sites.

A2 Hosting Review


  • Outstanding performance with a typical TTFB of less than 550 ms
  • Optimized for best web site speed
  • Reasonable rates and subscription discounts
  • Try it for free (anytime with a money back guarantee).
  • Free website migration - useful for busy business owners.
  • 4 Select a different server location
  • More options: VPS, Cloud and dedicated hosting


  • You will be charged for the site transfer when you downgrade.
  • Live chat support is not always possible.
  • Turbo Plan does not support Ruby or Python applications.
  • A2 Hosting Plans and Prices

  • Lite plan - $ 3.92 / mo
  • Rapid planning - $ 4.90 / mo
  • Turbo plan - $ 9.31 / mo

Tip: Which A2 hosting plan do you have?

The price of A2 Hosting encompasses a broad spectrum because of the huge number of types of plans. Small businesses can start one of the shared plans weighing at least $ 3.92 a month. From there, you can easily move from plan to plan with the expansion of traffic volume.

7. Cloudways

Cloudways is not a household name in the hosting industry, but it is currently making progress in cloud hosting. Or rather, the cloud management should be accurate.

What Cloudways offers is the ability to create a cloud server for your website and host it with six cloud providers. Amazon (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, Bulter and Linode. If your website or project needs maximum power (in the case of reasonable traffic spikes), Cloudways is very capable of providing dedicated resources to improve the speed and stability of your website.

It also supports performance enhancement technologies such as PHP7, Varnish, Nginx, Redis, Memcached and HTTP / 2.

If you are not an engineer, Cloudways supports silent installations for popular CMS and applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, PrestaShop, and OpenCart.

Cloudways Service Review


  • Ability to select multiple cloud hosting providers
  • Easy installation process like WordPress, PrestaShop, Drupal
  • Affordable cloud hosting management platform (Cloud Hosting as low as $ 10 / mo)
  • Pay as you pay - Pay only for resources used by your business site
  • Simplicity - An intuitive UI that is familiar to beginners and developers.
  • Scalability - Flexible to expand and shrink as your business grows
  • Free website migration - useful for busy business owners.


  • The easy installer is limited to 12 apps / CMS.
  • You do not have root access.
  • Confusing first cloud hosting users
  • Free site migration available only for the first migration
  • Cloudways plans and prices

  • Digital Ocean - Start at $ 10 / mo.
  • Linode - Start at $ 12 / mo.
  • Vultr - Start at $ 11 / mo.
  • Amazon - Start at $ 37 / mo.
  • Google Cloud Platform - Start at $ 33 / mo.

 Tip: Best Cloudways Plan for Small Business?

All Cloudways entry-level planning is useful for small businesses. As of this writing, Cloudways Digital Ocean and Cloudways Vultr operate at the lowest possible price. For $ 10 / mo and $ 11 / mo, host your small business website with 1 GB of server RAM and 25 GB of storage.

With 22% market share In a competitive website builder business, Wix is ​​one of the peripheries of the sprockets. We have been in business for more than 10 years and have the opportunity to create great websites with just a few clicks. Well, maybe more. But this is a general idea - SIMPLE!

Visual editors are designed to adapt quickly to anyone without coding knowledge. Organizing sites together is as easy as selecting a template and modifying it in a legacy style.

The basic editor provides access to everything a regular site needs, but if there are additional requirements that are not there, Wix has an App Market that can integrate extended functionality through a plug-in system of some sort.

Hosting is packed with Wix's role as a religious architect, so it's basically a one-stop shop for website creation! This is especially useful for small businesses whose core competencies are not in the technology sector.

Reviews Weeks

Various price options
Extensive options Drag and drop user interface
Built-in Sitebuilder and Hosting
Pre-built templates to choose from
You can add powerful features through plug-ins in the app marketplace.


Do not allow data export (related to Wix)
Multiple issues with SEO
Online stores can be expensive.
Wix plans and prices

Combo - $ 8.50 / mo
Unlimited - $ 12.50 / mo
E-commerce - $ 16.50 / mo
VIP - $ 24.50 / mo

 Tip: Which Wix are you planning to go with?

Wix starts at absolutely zero cost, but the plan is very limited. Paid plans suitable for businesses (excluding WiX ads) can start from as low as $ 8.50 and expand to $ 24.50 per month.